a_millerjakepics_005So, you’re planning a party and you want to make sure your guests have a unique and memorable experience. You can have your guests leave your party saying “That was one of the best parties I have ever been to!” In fact, wouldn’t it be great if they talked about your party for WEEKS AFTER it was over? Henry Carlyle gives a fast moving performance that features lots of audience participation.

a_millerjakepics_005It’s clean, it’s sophisticated, and it’s fun. At a corporate show recently, a female spectator had a signed playing card in her purse, it was a souvenir from a trick performed by Henry Carlyle at the same event THE YEAR BEFORE!! Mr. Carlyle’s experience with business executives, celebrities, and high powered individuals enables him to move comfortably through a party to insure that all your guests are having a fantastic time. If desired, he will involve special guests (including you) in one of his highly entertaining magical effects.


You WILL NOT see the tired, hokey tricks of the
stereotypical magician.


a_Herrman_Carton_pics_028 rocco5best2


You WILL SEE upscale, interactive magic that is enjoyable and mind boggling.


No stage is required. Henry performs magic and mental illusions right in front of your guests’ eyes. The audience gets emotionally involved. Whether it is close-up magic at your guests’ tables, or a self contained stand up show, Henry Carlyle will make your event one that will be talked about for weeks and leave your guests wanting a repeat performance.